About Us

What is ExoticTails Rescue and Sanctuary?

We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization who provides suitable homes for as many of the unwanted/ homeless exotic animal population as possible, while providing the humans responsible for them the knowledge, training, and advice to properly care for them so that these animals can live a comfortable, happy life without abuse or neglect.

How Can You Help?

Monetary Donation:
We run strictly off donations from our community so any time you can hit that donate button and give towards our cause, it's extremely helpful! Even the smallest amounts help us care for these animals.  To donate, click the donate button.
If you have equipment laying around that you could donate, that is equally helpful to us. We take tanks, lamps, lights, food, enclosures, animal toys, and dishes, etc.  E-mail us to donate equipment.
We are always looking for qualified persons or families to foster some of our animals. If you're interested, contact us for an application.  E-mail us for more information.
Word of Mouth:
Please like and share our Facebook page, any of our FB or Instagram posts, or a link to our website. Getting our name out there is key!