To provide pick-up & transfer, fostering, care, food, housing, & handling until proper, capable, and loving homes are found.

Exotic animals are beautiful and seriously cool to watch. Every day, families acquire out-of-the-ordinary pets for their family’s enjoyment. Unfortunately, they are not always aware of the extra care and specialized diet that comes along with these pets and they are sent back to pet shops, passed on to someone else, or released into an ecosystem of which they are not from. These poor animals need forever homes in the care of knowledgeable people who can give them what they need.


We are a pending 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization who provides suitable homes for as many of the unwanted/ homeless exotic animal population as possible, while providing the humans responsible for them the knowledge, training, and advice to properly care for them so that these animals can live a comfortable, happy life without abuse or neglect.