ExoticTails is looking for people to sponsor the animals below. These animals have found their forever home with us due to their circumstances and level of care they need. There are different levels of sponsorships available. If you are interested in sponsoring an animal, please contact us directly via Facebook or exotictailsrescue@gmail.com

Bronze Egg Sponsorship:

The Bronze Egg Sponsorship is a basic sponsorship. Your donation goes to the basic necessities of the animal.

Price: $25-$50


  • Monthly pictures and updates of animal

Silver Egg Sponsorship:

The Silver Egg Sponsorship is a medial level sponsorship. Your donation will go to other necessities for the animal such as general vet bills, bulbs, and more.

Price: $51-$150


  • Monthly pictures and updates of animal
  • Window Decal for car

Gold Egg Sponsorship:

The Gold Egg Sponsorship is a premium sponsorship. Your donation goes to larger items that are needed such as enclosures, vet procedures, and more.

Price: $151+


  • Monthly pictures and updates of animal
  • Window Decal for Car
  • ExoticTails T-shirt
  • Your Choice of Collectable Flyer, signed by ExoticTails team.

Animals Available for Sponsorships


Izzy the Iguana

Izzy came to us from a loving family who had to make a very difficult decision.  Under constant attack of the family dog, Izzy needed a safer place to live out her days.  She was brought to us with heavy hearts, but we just LOVE HER!  She is a member of our forever sanctuary and needs a sponsor.


Gucci the Bearded Dragon

Gucci came to ExoticTails from a family that loved him very much. His family no longer the time needed to care for him. Per the request of the family, Gucci has found a forever home with ExoticTails.


RA and Knuckles the Uromastyxs

Their mom wanted them to go to a zoo because of how uncommon, friendly, and cool looking they are. They found their forever home with ExoticTails and are featured in ExoticTails' Animal Education program.


Kermit the Reticulated Python

Kermit, a sneaky youngin', got himself into some trouble with his previous owner and needed to be rehomed.  He came to us to be a part of our animal education program and will have a home with us forever.  He needs a sponsor like YOU!


Fluffy the Redtail Boa

Fluffy outgrew his tank with his previous owner and the family no longer had time to socialize with her. She is a very sweet girl and is featured in ExoticTails' Animal Education program.


Frankenstein the Iguana

Frankenstein and his previous owner did not get along. He bit her and whipped at her. She decided it was better for Frankenstein to go somewhere that could handle his temper and contacted ExoticTails.


Dukey the B/G Macaw

Dukey was brought to ExoticTails under extreme circumstances. He was hit and attacked by a dog whenever he made a noise. He was given only table scraps to eat and was not socialized with. Dukey suffers from severe anxiety and anger issues. As a result, he plucks his feathers, but we are working to rehabilitate him.


ChaCha the B/G Macaw

ChaCha's previous owner saved her from an abusive household. The owner fed her only peanuts and sunflower seeds and left her in a cage too small for her. ChaCha also spent a lot of her life in a closet as well. Her savior knew she had to find someone that could rehabilitate her. ChaCha will have a forever home with ExoticTails as we continue to work with her.