Our Team

Finding, building, and executing our dream can't happen without a team of individuals who have helped in various different ways. Without them, we wouldn't be the organization we are today.

Elijah L. Church

Elijah L. Church

Founder & President

Elijah is the President and Founder of ExoticTails Rescue and Sanctuary Inc. A longtime exotic pet shop owner, he has years of experience with these amazing creatures. He developed a love for exotic animals at a young age and has become an expert at caring for all animals from large birds and monkeys to 20 foot pythons. Having a magic touch with animals, he is our own personal “Dr. Dolittle”.


Sarah M. Church

Co-Founder and Treasurer

Wife of Elijah, she is the co-founder and Treasurer of ExoticTails Rescue and Sanctuary Inc. Sarah is a Kindergarten teacher by day and backbone of our company by night. She loves on the animals, runs most of our social media, and handles all the paperwork and business aspects, single-handedly. Without her, we simply do not exist.


Crystal L. Phillips

Executive Assistant

Crystal is our executive assistant!  A senior at the University of Southern Indiana, her fresh training comes in handy.  She is a hard-working woman, successful in every task.  Her vast knowledge of all things business makes her an amazing asset for us.  We are so glad to have her on our team.


Avrial Sharp

Social Media Guru and Foster Mom

Avrial is an awesome volunteer and foster mom for ExoticTails.  She is an avid animal lover and “mom” to several animals including snakes, bunnies, a chameleon, fish, and more. She is a certified badass who will take on any animal we send her way.  Assisting in a number of ways, she also runs our Twitter page.


Trevor L. Church

Terre Haute Facilitator

Trevor, a seventh grader in Vigo County, is head of our Terre Haute branch. This outstanding, young man has the biggest heart for all animals and a brain like no other. He runs our YouTube channel and keeps us current. He is a super hard-worker and we are so proud to have him on our team.

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Aaron Dailey

Secretary and Animal Expert

Aaron, a self-proclaimed Juggalo, is the Secretary of ExoticTails and an avid animal lover and expert. He is extremely knowledgeable in animal care and a HUGE asset to our team. Aaron is a great promoter and networker and we are lucky to have him with us.