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Most shelters will only accept dogs and cats.  We take in unwanted exotic pets and provide them with sanctuary and healthy, happy environments. Many times, these animals come in malnourished or sick. We begin rehabilitating them immediately.


We have developed an adoption process that ensures our rescues go to good, fitting homes.  We keep a lot of our animals forever, but, for some, it is best to find them a family.  We love to see a happy ending for them.

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One of our goals is to educate others on the needs and importance of caring for exotic animals.  We offer visits to schools, birthday parties, and private animal education courses.

24/7 Emergency Response

Disasters happen everyday.  Fires, floods, destruction, evictions, loss of income….Many times, these events leave us scrambling to find places for our beloved pets.  Here at ExoticTails, we wish to be helpful during these times.  We will take in your animals until you are able to take them back, with the promise that we will care for them and keep them until you are ready.   Also, if you find yourself short on funds for food for your animal, we will try to provide you enough to get you by until you can afford more food.  We never charge a fee for these services but appreciate volunteer hours.

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Pet Sitting

Going out of town on vacation and can’t find anyone to care for your exotic pets?  For a fee, we will care for your pets as if they were our own.  Do not leave your bird, reptile, or even rabbit in the hands of someone who does not know how to handle these animals.  Contact us for more info.

Other Services

ExoticTails offers visits to school classrooms, nursing homes and businesses events. Please click on the appropriate link for more information!

ETRS High-Quality Rodents

We have an excellent rodent-breeding set-up used to provide for our rodent-eating reptiles.  We have opened this service to the public.  Our rodents are fed a high-protein rodent diet as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure your pets get the best quality rodents in their diet.  We have a full line of frozen or live available on site.  To pick up or place an order call or text ExoticTails at (765) 532-9453.

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Host ExoticTails' Traveling Zoo of Misfits at your next party!

We offer a unique and exciting birthday party package to anyone residing in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, or Michigan.  With this package you will receive:

  • Choice of up to 7 exotic animals!  (All animals are rescues from our sanctuary and they love the attention.)
  • Unlimited face painting for your guests.
  • A personalized gift for the birthday boy or girl.
  • The option to add a hilarious clown show "Cupcake and His Not-so-great Balloon Animal Show"

The fee we charge for this service goes right back into caring for our animals here at the sanctuary.


In state (Indiana) *add $50 travel charge for Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky

$100 - Up to 7 animals, unlimited face paint, & personalized gift.

$150 - Up to 7 animals, unlimited face paint, personalized gift, & Cupcake and His Not-so-great Balloon Animal Show.

$200 - Up to 7 animals, unlimited face paint, personalized gift, & Personal appearance from Spiderman!

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Next Steps...

If you are interested in fostering or adoption, please fill out an application and you will hear from a member of our team.